Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eddie Dulce

Have you ever had a falling out with someone that is close and important to you? I did. With my younger brother. Two years ago, I had moved back from Georgia and needed help moving some boxes. I asked my brother to help and he responded in the opposite way. We broke out into a fight and things weren't looking good between us. The end result was two years of silence and awkwardness. My brother was like a good buddy of mine and sadly, we became strangers living under the same roof. 

During our fall out, I had tried to think up of ways to reconcile with my brother. I asked my mom for advice, I asked my friends, and I came up with nothing. I just didn't know what to do when an opportunity that I didn't expect came up - challenge God. The last time I had been to church was in high school. I've always known that there is a higher power, but I just didn't know what to believe in. A friend of mine had been inviting me to small group so I went to check it out. After sharing where I was at, I was told to challenge God. With skepticism and nothing to lose, I had brought up my situation to God and asked him to do something about it.

Four days later, I was just going about my day when I had received a text message. I was blown away and couldn't believe what I saw. It was from my brother asking me if I could fix his computer. This moment could not have been a random coincidence. God had stepped in and stepped up to his part of the challenge, to show that he cared for me and my worries and that He is indeed real. For the past two years, it pained me to see the way my relationship with my brother was like and God had finally opened up a door for me. Despite my shortcomings as an older brother, I felt the forgiveness that Jesus Christ had died for and shown for me on the cross so that I can have new life in Him. That's when I knew I had to surrender my life to Jesus. Ever since then, my brother and I are working towards becoming good friends again as I try to share with him the love that God had shown me through Jesus.

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