Saturday, August 18, 2012

Judy Barnes

          Family means everything to me. I love my family to death. So when things weren't faring well within and started to fall apart, I started to crumble with it as well. In my desperation to keep us going as a unit, I tried everything possible for my children and counseling for my marriage. The possibility of things turning out right just seemed so bleak and to tell you the truth, I had lost all hope.

As much as I had wanted to give up, I couldn't. Deep down inside, I just knew that something was missing; there is something more than the happiness that I was looking for and something more than finding the answer to my worries and troubles. And that was Jesus. When I realized how Jesus cared about who I was becoming in the midst of my personal struggles, how He has, is, and will always be there for me, and how much He endured for me on that cross, that's when I gave my life and laid everything at His feet. 

Nowadays, things are looking up. I see how Jesus is changing and restoring my family and my marriage. It gives me a sense of calmness and peace within me that I didn't have before. People around me and at work have noticed the change in my attitude and mood. Knowing that I can look to Jesus when things sometimes get rough gives me the courage and strength to keep going as I do my best to represent Christ-like love to my family. 

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